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4AllFamily 72 Hour Insulin Cooler [Full Review!]

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
August 13, 2021

Thinking of purchasing the 4AllFamily Insulin cooler to keep your insulin cold? Then look no further, I tell you everything you need to know in this post..

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When traveling with diabetes, I’m often looking for solutions for keeping my insulin cool.

Over the years I’ve tended to use Frio bags, but they’re not always the best solution 100% of the time, so when the guys at 4AllFamily asked me if I wanted to try out their new insulin cooler for travel, I thought yes, why not! 

So this review I’m going to take you through the features of this product, and my thoughts on its effectiveness on keeping insulin cold.

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What is the 4AllFamily insulin cooler?

4all family 72 hour insulin travel cooler

It's an insulin cooling device that uniquely offers 3 ways of keeping your insulin cool in one device.

You've got the biogel (which you pre-freeze and pop in the bottle- more on that later), the USB lid which transforms the product into a mini fridge, and the ability to use both at the same time! 

With a 3.3" diameter and a volume of 900ML, this insulin cooling case offers a very generous amount of storage for your medicines .

It can keep 6-8 insulin vials in the container, or around 6-7 insulin pens, depending on the make.

They've provided a useful diagram below so you can see how much it can hold.

But I test this out too just down below...

The different cooling methods offer different cooling temperatures for different lengths of time.

insulin cooling methods

1. Biogel Only

biogel insulin cooler
Pop it in the freezer before use!

If you decide to use the Biogel on it's own then you'll need to freeze for a minimum of 6 hours before use.

After you take it out of the freezer, allow it to sit in room temperature for 10 minutes to adjust to the correct temperature for effectiveness.

During that time, pop the cup inside the fridge for 10 minutes so the internal temperature stays chilled for maximum efficacy.

Then pop the biogel in the cup alongside your insulin and you're ready to go! 

2.Cooling cup only

USB insulin cooler
This is the USB powered cooling bit!

It's also possible to turn your insulin cooler into a mini fridge via this option.

When you have access to a power source and the outside temperature isn't hotter than 90F (32C), then this is a great option.

Put your insulin in the cup, cover with the black cooling cap and connect to power via USB.

You should let the device cool via USB for 30 minutes before you put your insulin in.

3.Cooling cup and biogel method

It's also possible to use both options at the same time, and this is perfect if you plan on travelling for longer periods of time (like myself!)

This product is also TSA approved, which will mean you won't have any issues carrying it through airport security when flying with diabetes.

The advantages of the 4AllFamily insulin cooler

4allfamily 72 hour insulin cooling product

It’s versatile 

One of the perks of the All4Family insulin cooler is that it works in two different ways, meaning it can pretty much cover you in a lot of situations you might find yourself when travelling.

Firstly, there is a bio gel bottle, and you can freeze this for 6-8 hours then pop it in your cooling case alongside your insulin and this will keep your insulin cool for several hours.

I often find that if it’s warmer outside, then it only lasts for a short time, whereas if its cooler, it will last longer, but either way this solution works really well for in-between travel moments, such as flights, or even when you’re just chilling on the beach! 

Secondly, it can act like a mini-fridge!

If and when you’ve got access to electricity, you can put your insulin into the vacuum bottle and cover it with the black cooling cap.

You then connect it to power via the USB, and it acts like a little fridge, keeping your insulin cool! 

I think this is a fantastic feature, especially if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a fridge in your hotel room or hostel.

I’ve had occasions where I have put my insulin in the “communal” fridge, or ask staff to put my insulin in their main fridge (When there is no fridge in the room) and it has frozen, which is NEVER a good thing! 

So if I had this, I could keep my insulin cool beside me, which is a feature I love. 

I also LOVE the fact that you can connect to the electricity via the cigarette lighter in a car, which means this is a perfect solution for road trips with diabetes! 

I’m currently travelling around the world in my self-converted campervan, so I have access to a fridge, but there were so many times before that where I simply did road trips in a car and it would have been amazing to keep my insulin at a consistent temperature whilst on the trip! 

So I feel like this product has you covered for a lot of different situations when travelling, whether that be on an airplane journey, on a boat, on a train, or in a car. 

Pssssst, before you use the electricity feature, you should precool the device for 30 minutes before popping your insulin in, just to ensure it’s reached the optimal cooling level! 

It looks great

insulin cooling cases for diabetes
Looks like a coffee cup to me! :P

If you didn’t know this was an insulin cooling case, you’d look at this product and think it was a coffee cup, and I love that.

I hate anything that looks medical, and the fact this doesn’t look medical means it’s a wonderful product. 

I also love the blue colour, and hopefully, in the future, they can bring out different shades, because I’m thinking a red one would look amazing! 

It can hold a good amount of insulin

insulin cooling cases
I held 9 vials and it closed well!

This insulin cooler advertises it can hold up to 7 pens with the biogel bottle and up to 8 vials.

I managed to put 7 pens in and 9 Humalog vials (not together!) and this would be enough to last me at least 2-3 months which is perfect!

It would also be possible to put in a few Humalog vials and some pens if you were preparing for all situations or a pump break.

insulin pens in cooling cup
These are the insulin pens inside with the biogel..
insulin cooling products
This is the insulin pens I fit inside...

It comes with a warranty 

I love a product that comes with a warranty because it means you can feel secure that if something went wrong with the device, it can be fixed.

The warranty for this product is one year.

Disadvantages of the 4AllFamily insulin cooler 

Slightly bulky

I’m basing this review on using this product at home, but I will test it out on the road too when the opportunity arises.

So far, I haven’t seen any issues in performance, which is great, but if I were to give a possible disadvantage is the fact that it is quite bulky.

Of course, this means you can store as much insulin as necessary for a trip, but it is a little bulkier than traditional insulin cooling pouches. 

This won’t be much of an issue if you’re using it for a road trip, airplane journeys ect, but maybe you’d prefer something slimmer for a day at the beach.

So I actually think this combined with a Frio bag is a full-proof solution for keeping your insulin cool while traveling! 

72-hour ability

The 4ALLFAMILY insulin cooler also claims 72 hours of cool, but I haven’t tested this theory yet, so I cannot confirm whether that works or not, but the fridge style element works very well! 


You might consider the insulin cooler to be quite expensive, and it is at first glance, but it’s important to remember that this device is built to last, so your investment in an insulin cooler will provide returns for a long time! 

So there we have it, my review of the 4AllFamily Insulin cooler!

If you're looking for insulin coolers for travel, then I honestly think that this product can protect your insulin in a wide variety of situations and has the opportunity to adapt, then this is the insulin cooling product for you.

You can purchase your All4Family insulin cooler right here direct from the website.

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OR purchase from Amazon here. (but there will be no discount!)

If you’ve got any comments or questions, be sure to drop them below! 

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