Built on 8 years of full-time traveling around the world, this is the guide I wish I had when I started traveling. 90 countries later, here it is"
Cazzy Magennis, author

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The Ultimate Guide To Travelling With Type 1 Diabetes

Do you want to make travelling with diabetes cheaper, safer and easier? Well, that's why this book was written.

Addressing all of the major concerns for those travelling with type 1 diabetes, including:

Do you want to make travelling with diabetes cheaper, safer and easier?

Well, that's why this book was written.

Addressing all of the major concerns for those travelling with type 1 diabetes, including:

  • What to do in an emergency whilst abroad
  • Getting through airport security
  • Managing blood sugars whilst in the sky
  • Travelling​ ​with​ ​type​ ​1​ ​diabetic​ ​children
  • Altitude​ ​and​ ​diabetes
  • Counting carbs in foreign foods
  • Keeping your insulin alive in hot and cold climates
  • Info on travelling​ ​with​ ​insulin​ ​pumps​ ​and​ ​CGM’s
  • Switching​ ​from​ ​insulin​ ​pump​ ​to​ ​pens
  • Backpacking with T1D
  • Hiking with diabetes
  • Travelling with non-diabetics
  • Travel vaccinations and how it affects your diabetes
  • Skiing​ ​with​ ​diabetes

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Epic Bonus Resources

When you buy any package, you'll also receive a resource pack that contains the following 13 things:

  1. The Ultimate Pre-Trip Checklist
  2. Managing Your Diabetes In The Heat
  3. Managing Your Diabetes In The Cold
  4. Top Tips For Your Type 1 Diabetic Child
  5. Your Diabetic Supplies Guide
  6. 8 Emergency Phrase Guides
  7. Example Medical Travel Letter
  8. Emergency Contact List
  9. 10 Step Cheat Sheet For Going On A City Break
  10. Blood Glucose Conversion Chart
  11. Various Countries And Their Blood Glucose Values Chart
  12. Alcohol And Carbohydrates Chart
  13. Dealing With Altitude Cheat Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for people from the UK?

Definitely not! We designed this eBook with people from all nationalities in mind. In fact, we receive a lot of enquiries from people from America, so much of the information is directly applicable to those from the USA.

I've never travelled before, is this for me?

This eBook is perfect if you have never travelled before with your diabetes. There are some crucial points to consider before you take a long or even a short trip abroad and these are all covered in detail at the start of the book.

I've already travelled, so why would I need it?

I constantly find that by speaking to other diabetics who have travelled I am able to pick up new tips and tricks to help me; especially with regards to what products I should buy. So it’s likely there are things in this eBook that you have never thought to consider. At the same time, I would love to hear from you if you have lots of experience travelling with diabetes and it would be amazing to share your stories on the blog!

Is this for people without diabetes as well?

One of the biggest issues as a type 1 diabetic is finding a suitable companion and preparing them for the potential struggles whilst travelling. So this eBook is really useful if you are not diabetic yourself but are travelling with someone who is. There is an entire section written by my travelling companion, Bradley, which gives you a good insight into what to expect and how to be best prepared.

My child has diabetes, is it worth me buying this?

I am not a mother myself, but in writing this I have spoken to plenty of parents who travel with their type 1 child. They have offered some fantastic tips and they are all in here in their own dedicated section. Beyond that, the general advice on how to pack and what to do in an emergency will give you deep insight into your child's condition and what it's like to travel with type 1 diabetes.

What file format is it available in?

The eBook and any bonus resources will be provided to you in PDF format, ready for you to download onto any device, including Kindle, laptops and mobile devices.

How long will it take to read?

The guide is extremely in depth and is not designed to be read all in one go. I would recommend taking some time to read all of the preparation sections before travelling, and then in your own time and whilst abroad, update yourself on other chapters. The eBook is conveniently laid out so it is easy to navigate any points or issues as you need them solved.

Which currency can I pay in?

Our payment processor, Gumroad, uses USD to process transaction. You can use debit or credit cards to pay. However, you can also use PayPal to pay. Doing this is straightforward once you have added the product into your checkout.

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