Why Did I Start This Diabetes Lifestyle Blog?

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
March 11, 2021

Here's a little more information about me, my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, & why I created a blog to share my advice & support on living with diabetes.

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I thought it would be good to say a little hello via a blog post and tell you more about me and my history with type 1 diabetes! 

I was diagnosed at 16 years old, and there was no previous history of the illness in our family. Actually, before I was diagnosed, I was sick for over a year. 

I kept going to the doctors, and got various scans done, but they all kept telling me that I had a hidden eating disorder (because of the extreme weight loss associated with diabetes, and the fact I had an eating disorder in the past). 

Because I had already been branded with that label, they refused to look past it, even when I asked for a finger prick test to check my blood sugars. I had learnt about type 1 diabetes in science class and thought, “wow, I have all these symptoms” which included: 

  • Peeing ALL the time 
  • Drinking constantly 
  • A LOT of weight loss, despite me eating like a horse 
  • Headaches, extreme fatigue 
All the tell-tale signs! But no, the doctor refused to believe me. 


Well, one night I started getting chest pains and collapsed on the stairs and mum and dad took me to A&E and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 

I was honestly relieved to get a diagnosis because I was sick and tired of people telling me I wasn’t sick. I thought I was starting to go mad. 

I spent a couple of days in hospital and they told me about injections, and I took it all in my stride. I’m a pretty determined person, so I did a lot of research and quickly wanted to take control of this illness. 

Unfortunately I learnt that despite my best interests, diabetes doesn’t always do what you want it to do.

I grew up quickly when I was diagnosed. 
living with type 1 diabetes

I’ve had my ups and downs over the years, and there are days I wish I didn’t have diabetes, but it’s not stopped me from achieving any of my goals or dreams. I’ve travelled to almost 50 countries and I’m aiming to be one of the first female type 1 diabetics to visit every country in the world. 

I’m in no rush, and for now my full time job is travelling, which I think is pretty darn cool! 

So diabetes has truly not held me back, and I refuse to ever let it. 

That’s not to say it isn’t tough. 

I’m not an expert, and I don’t always get it right (I get it wrong more than I get it right), but I keep on trying and pushing myself. 

I couldn’t live with diabetes everyday without the support of my family, my sister and my boyfriend who lives with me 24/7; and I really recognise support and the importance of community.

I wanted to create this space as an outlet to talk about all things lifestyle and diabetes. 
diabetes lifestyle blog

I have a travel blog, Dream Big, Travel Far, that gives tips and tricks on travelling with diabetes, but there is so much more to my life than just travelling, and I really like the idea of talking about them too! 

So, that’s how That Diabetic Girl was born. 

I hope that you find this website useful, a great way to offer support but also dispel all of those annoying diabetes myths and misconceptions floating around!

Always know that you can drop me a message at any time if you want to offer me advice, seek advice, or you just want to chat to a fellow diabetic!

Cazzy Magennis

Living with type 1 diabetes for over 10 years has given me a lot of life experience, challenges and opportunities. I’ve had ups and downs, but I’m proud that I can live out my dreams whilst managing t1d. I hope my stories can help your daily life with diabetes too!

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