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BreezyPacks Review - The Best Insulin Cooling Case on the market?

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
March 13, 2022

Looking for an awesome insulin cooling case to help keep your insulin cool on the go? Then check out our review of BreezyPacks, an innovative solution.

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Nowadays there are lots of different insulin cooling cases available to keep our insulin cool on the go.

This is great, BUT it also means there is a lot of choices, so I’m going to help narrow your search down by recommending an insulin cooling product called “BreezyPacks”. 

I’ve been traveling the world for over 5 years now and so far, I’ve never had any mishaps with my insulin (well, apart from a hotel that froze it, but that’s my fault for bad communication). I love when a new product is introduced to me, so I was thrilled when I got the chance to try out Breezy Packs. 

Before I delve into my review, I will tell you one thing that I LOVE about this’s FUSS-FREE. 

You don’t need to dip it in water, you don’t need to connect it to electricity, you don’t need to add ice packs….you don’t need to do anything. Awesome right? 

Let’s find out more. 

What are Breezy Packs? 

Breezy Packs are an innovative insulin cooling case that keeps your insulin cool via a pretty unique solution.

They’re small but effective and they can hold temperature-sensitive medication, such as insulin and epic pens. 

What I absolutely LOVE about BreezyPacks is that it’s founded and created by a fellow adventure diabetic, Eyal.

Who better to create a product to serve the needs of diabetics, than a diabetic who has been on some pretty epic adventures too.

He thought up this technology and came up with an amazing product that works, and I can’t wait to tell you more...

How do Breezy Packs keep your insulin cold? 

They work by using a unique chemical that absorbs energy when the temperature outside is hot and actively cools the content of the case (PCM). When the temperature drops, the PCM regenerates by itself. 

This basically means that you put your medicine inside the Breezy Pack and it will be continuously protected (no time limits!) 

How, you ask? Because the Breezy Pack case actually recharges itself every night, but you will need to ensure it’s at a cooler temperature for it to successfully recharge. 

The temperature needs to be (24°C/75°F or less), or if you're struggling to find that temperature or you’re short on time, you can also pop them into a fridge for 1-2 hours. 

What different products are on offer? 

There are currently 2 different types of Breezy Packs on offer. 

You’ve got the Breezy Basic and the Breezy Plus. 

There is no difference between how effective these products are, and they both hold the same amount of insulin but there is just a difference in the length of time the Breezy Pack can keep your insulin cool. 

For the Breezy Basic, the time is 6 hours, and for the Breezy Plus, the time is 9 hours. 

The plus model can also withstand higher temperatures than the basic one, which means the Breezy Plus can withstand a maximum temperature of 46°C/115°F for the plus, and the Breezy Basic can withstand a maximum temperature of 41°C/106°F.

On their website, they state they can hold about two insulin pens or an Epi-Pen, but since I use insulin vials for my insulin pump, I tested to see how many vials it could comfortably hold.

For Humalog Vials (I’m pretty sure all vials are of a similar size), it could hold 5 bottles, which is enough insulin to last me 4 months (3 months if we’re being cautious).

So that’s pretty great! 

The good news is, the guys at BreezyPacks are bringing out a THIRD model, the BreezyMEGA which will be larger and perfect for carrying larger amounts of insulin and medication.

So hopefully you’ll be able to fit insulin vials and two insulin pens (for backup emergencies if your insulin pump breaks). 

What are the advantages of Breezy Packs?

I’ve been testing the BreezyPacks out in Albania where temperatures have been around the 30°C ( 86°F) mark and it’s performed very well.

So I want to take you through some advantages of the product from my perspective.

1. It’s small and easy to pack

Honestly, there is nothing more annoying than having to lose space in your packing for “diabetes supplies”, but the BreezyPacks are small, convenient, and easy to pack away in a backpack, suitcase, or even handbag.

They remind me of a pencil case, which I really like. 

2. Fuss-free

You all know I love my Frio bags, but what I hate about Frio bags is the fact that they can go damp, you have to keep dipping them in water (and let them dry out) to keep them working, well with the BreezyPacks, there is literally nothing you need to do.

Because of the super-smart technology, it does all the work for you, activates via the higher temperatures, and then recharges in cooler temperatures. This means I don’t need to sink it in water, put ice packs on it, or even connect it to electricity.

This is AWESOME, especially for someone who hates fuss! 

3. Better for the environment

Every day I am trying to be more eco-conscious, especially with the amount of travelling I do, I offset, I recycle and I try to choose products that are more ethically conscious, so I was very happy to discover that BreezyPacks are made using recycled and non-toxic materials, from product to packaging. 

4. 3-year guarantee

You know a product is confident in its use if they’re giving you a 3-year guarantee, I think that says it all really!

5. They deliver worldwide

You can get this product delivered to you anywhere in the world, which is awesome. I got it delivered to Albania, and it got there before I did! :P 

What are the disadvantages of Breezy Packs?

This is an honest review, so I’ll note some disadvantages too based on my own perspective.

1. Doesn't hold “lots” of insulin

This is all relative to how long you're going away for, but for me, I like to carry enough insulin for a few months, plus spares, at its current level, I wouldn’t be able to do this with this type of insulin cooling case BUT as I mentioned above, they are bringing out a bigger model, which I’m pretty sure would be suitable.

But, in all honesty, the average diabetic traveler isn’t heading off on 3-4 month trips, they’re typically away for city breaks, holidays, or shorter trips, and this product will perform perfectly for those durations. 

2. Not a lot of color choice

The product is currently available in blue and red, and red is my favorite colour so it’s perfect for me, but I think a larger range of colours would be great.

People tend to select diabetic products for both their functionality, but also to suit their personality, so a larger range would give people more choice. 

What type of traveler are Breezy Packs best suited for?

I think BreezyPacks are perfect for those who are heading off on city breaks, 1-2 week holiday breaks, short-term backpacking trips, and those doing awesome hikes, whether it be one-day hikes or a trek to Everest Base camp, this product will serve you well!

Can I take the Breezy Pack through airport security? 

One question diabetic travelers often have is whether they can take their insulin through airport security whilst in the insulin cooling case. Airport security can be stressful enough, and the good news is, you can take your BreezyPack through airport security in their "charged" state - after staying in a cool place.

Where can I buy Breezy Packs?

You can buy BreezyPacks directly from their website! 

Final thoughts 

So there you have it, my in-depth review on BreezyPacks. I genuinely think this is a great insulin cooling case, and I think it’s creative, innovative and it works (which is what matters!). So if you’re looking for an insulin cooling bag that you can feel confident using, then don’t hesitate in trying BreezyPacks today. 

Any thoughts, let me know below! 

Cazzy Magennis

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