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Stick2Hope Review (Sensor patches & more!) 2024 Guide

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
March 30, 2024

Looking for new patches for your sensors? Then check out my review of Stick2Hope to see how they can cater to all your diabetic device patch needs!

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There are SO many CGM patch companies nowadays.

You can find patches for Dexcom’s, the Freestyle Libre, MiaoMiao, Medtronic, and more! 

I’ve recently switched my CGM to Medtronic's Guardian sensor, as I’ve got the new 780G insulin pump and it’s been fantastic (I’ll get a review up on the website at a later date), but that presented the perfect opportunity to find more patches. 

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using patches from Stick2Hope and decided to give you guys a review of what’s on offer and whether I think they’re good! 

Who are Stick2Hope?

stick2hope logo

Stick2Hope was founded by Mike, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early twenties.

Fast forward and he created Stick2Hope for us fellow type 1 diabetics. 

Firstly, I  always like to say that it’s great that this company is founded by a type 1 diabetic.

At least then you know that this person actually created a product that was useful for their needs and actually uses it themselves! 

Stick2hope believes there should be no shame in flaunting our robotic selves and I agree.

The technology we wear is life-changing and it’s allowing us to live wonderful lives, so why not be proud of it. 

They encourage expressiveness and with over 1400+ products on offer, you are going to find something that suits your personality, or occasion. 

Oh, and they also take custom design requests too! 

What products do they offer patches for?

Stick2Hope offer patches for pretty much everything, and they’ve got a couple of unique products which I really like.

But first off, here is a list of the CGM’s they offer patches for: 

  • Dexcom G6
  • Omnipod
  • Freestyle Libre
  • Guardian (Medtronic)

They also offer sensor toppers for Dexcom and patches for infusion sets. 

I love the infusion set patches.

I actually never thought of getting a patch for my infusion set, but when I saw these, I thought I have to try! 

Not only do they help keep my infusion set in place, but they just add a bit of spark to an otherwise bland-looking product! 

So I love it!

The patch goes around the infusion set giving you the ability to remove the pump when necessary.

medtronic and stick2hope
I'm using this patch for my Medtronic transmitter and sensor

Underlay Patch: what is it and why is it good?

Another product that Stick2Hope sells that’s super useful for us type 1 diabetics is the underlay patch.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, and are prone to skin irritation when using new products (I have the world’s most sensitive skin lol), then this patch will help alleviate that. 

Rather than trying oils and lotions, first, give the underlay patch a go between your skin and the sensor. 

They offer underlay patches for all the devices mentioned above, so you can protect your sensitive skin, no matter what device you’re using!

Are Stick2Hope patches waterproof?

stick2hope patch

All Stick2Hope patches are water-resistant, and you have to remember that even if they do get wet, and feel like they are coming off, they will re-stick to your skin once you dry off. 

They don’t operate like a plaster, they are much stronger than that. 

I used my patch in a swimming pool, in a shower, and in a jacuzzi, all in one day, and it didn’t come off, so I’m pretty confident they can handle water!!

How to apply Stick2Hope patches

how to apply stick2hope patches

It’s very easy to apply a Stick2Hope patch.

You simply peel back the layer that covers the sticky part of the patch and apply gently. 

If you are applying to your stomach or leg area, then you should have no problems doing this on your own. 

But, if you’re applying to the back of your arm, then ask for some help from a family member/partner or friend as it can be a little more tricky!

Recently, the team has released a new version of their tape which makes it even EASIER to apply.

They’ve basically added a “crack and peel” to the back of all the patches. 

This just makes it easier for you to remove the back in sections, rather than all in one go. 

For example, you remove part A, then apply it over your device and make sure it’s in place, then you remove section B and smooth the patch out. 

They created a Youtube video for clarity.

Pros of Stick2Hope 

I really like the range of patches on offer. 

You can literally tailor a patch to your occasion, or your personality. 

It’s even possible to switch a patch out if you wanted to change the colour or style to match a particular outfit, which is really cool. 

They also can print whatever design you want, all you need to do is email them a JPEG file. 

So you can do something unique and personal to you too. 

It’s sort of like a pick-n-mix for shopping.

Some other qualities of Sitck2Hope patches are: 

  • Pressure-sensitive high tack adhesive
  • Extremely elastic
  • Fray resistant
  • Latex-Free
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Outlast the manufacturer's wear time

Positives of Stick2Hope

  • You can match patches directly to your personality 
  • They have a range of themed patches- such as for Christmas and St Patrick's Day 
  • They offer specific “underlay” patches for those with sensitive skin (I have terribly sensitive skin!)
  • They can create new themes for you- so if they don’t have it, they can create it! 
  • They donate to JDRF!

Stick2Hope also offer free shipping over $30 within the US and you can get 10% off your order with my code DreamBig10

I hope you’ve found this review of Stick2Hope patches useful. I really do enjoy the product, and appreciate the vast number of products and product variations on offer. As a final note, I will say, if you have sensitive skin, make sure you opt for the underlay patch. 

Don’t forget you can buy your patches direct on the website right here and make sure you use my code for 10% off. 


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